International Air Transport

Import: We conducted the entire process for the client, from the Purchase Order. We have a reliable network of agents that give us logistical support. The volume of cargo, our collaborators in other countries get along at different rates airline companies, benefits automatically extended to customers.

Export: We use our knowledge to identify the conditions that best meet customer needs, such as route, airport of origin and destination, type of aircraft, transit time.

International Shipping

The transport of full container load or fractional, this shift also transferred to the customer the benefits of negotiated rates near the ship and cargo consolidators.

Air National

We have a network of agents present in the main cities. This translates into total customer convenience, because:

  • The service is personalized with their own collections and deliveries and monitored.
  • Rates negotiated with the airlines.
  • Choose the best travel option between all the national air network, prioritizing the integrity of the load and rapid transport.
  • Time billing.

Other services:

  • Advice customs.
  • Classification of goods.
  • Exchange.
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